Kings Nympton Primary School

Feedback & Testimonials

Below are just a few of the comments that have been made about our school

19th July 2018

I really enjoyed the visit and was so impressed with the children. They were great, with excellent responses. They obviously know and care for their Ethiopian partner schools, and it is very apparent that this is part of the school ethos. To make simple little story books with two or three basic sentences is a lovely idea for The Sunshine School, and will provide another resource for them. I will be going to Ethiopia at the end of October, so would have to have them by half term. Sue Rainger will collect them for me. When in Ethiopia I will visit both The Sunshine School and Megna Kililli, and will be able to bring you an update and new photos. Many thanks again for this morning, and for your support for your schools in Ethiopia.

From Penny Pullen - Our link with our Ethiopia Schools.


12th July 2018

To  Staff and Children,

I felt I must write and congratulate you on your wonderful performance of Cinderella Rockerfella. The children were excellent, costumes so colourful and what work involved by staff. Well done,

From a pupils Grandmother


7th December 2017

Dear Miss Hoare,

I was so pleased to attend your nativity this morning. All the children were very good especially the boys narrating  and the rat. The coffee waitresses were very efficient. You are very lucky that so many parents turn up every time.The baby Jesus was a star and behaved impeccably - even waving at the right time!The staff obviously work very hard too, so well done to everyone. I look forward to the summer concert!

Happy Christmas

From a village visitor


16th November 2016

Hello Rowena,




First, on behalf of Exeter Ethiopia Link, I am writing to thank you very much indeed for the fantastic donation from King's Nympton School to help a rural school in Ethiopia. The rural schools are very needy. They have no resources. The buildings are poor wooden structures with very little shelter and in many cases the children just have logs on the mud floor to sit on. King's Nympton has made a wonderful effort to raise such an amazing amount, as I know you have only a small number of children on roll, and I can assure you that your donation will be very much appreciated. So very many heartfelt thanks to you all. I have written separately to your children. A letter is in the post.When I next go to Ethiopia I will be visiting several rural schools and will be able to bring you the name and photos of the school you have supported. Whilst writing, I should also like to say that Sue Rainger has shown me the lovelybook about sport that you have made for your link school. I know The Sunshine School will be delighted with it and also it will be a great resource for them. Well done to all at King's Nympton.I am just so sorry that I wasn't able to go to Ethiopia in the Autumn to deliver things. However, we are monitoring the situation closely. It is now calmer there. Schools are able to function and we are hoping to be able to go in the new year. I will keep you informed. Again, on behalf of all at Exeter Ethiopia Link, very many thanks to King's Nympton, Penny.


Dear Rowena,

Congratulations on yet another triumph! It's amazing that such a small school can produce such volume and variety. I was particularly impressed by the enthusiastic participation of the front row, the welcomes, the waiter/waitresses and really look forward to hearing again those 2 soloists in the last item - real potential there. We are delighted to have a granddaughter in such a school.

Best Wishes Bridgid Pailthorpe.

13th October 2016 Harvest Celebration


To all the Staff at Kings Nympton Primary School,

Thank you for all your hard work and effort over the past 7 years. I had never dreamt that our daughter would grow into such a confident, self assured young lady when she came to you as a shy, nervous 4 year old. 'Good Work, keep it up!'

Leica July 2016


To all the Staff,

Our children have benefitted enormously from a smaller school and their abilities and confidence have grown beyond expectations. This is down to the hard work and commitment from you all - especially with the maths. The extra time and effort to help them both was much appreciated. We feel sad that they are no longer part of the Kings Nympton family, but it has been a very special 4 years.
Thank you - Mandy July 2016


Dear Rowena,

It’s been a real pleasure to know you and work with you and your children. I love what you do in Kings Nympton and have always admired your genuinely caring approach towards your children. You know them like the back of your hand and I knew I could always trust your judgement. Thanks for being great.

Tracy  Downs

Assistant SENCO/Transition Co-ordinator

Chulmleigh Academy Trust


To All at Kings Nympton Primary School

Thank you for your harvest coffee morning this week.
Wonderful community event, particularly lovely to be welcomed by a pupil and
to be served tea and cake by pupils enjoying the activity of taking
orders and getting the choices from the kitchen. Fantastic showcase of
seasonal songs sang by the whole school with enthusiasm and joy!
Thank you for taking the time and effort to put on such a nice fundraiser
- we thoroughly enjoyed it!! A reminder of what
a very special village school we have in Kings Nympton.

Clare x

Dear Staff & Children of Kings Nympton School,

I came to the Harvest show at school yesterday. The Children were all so well behaved and polite especially those helping in the hall. You must put in a lot of extra work to include these 'shows'. Everyone enjoyed it. The coffee and cakes were a good idea too!

Well done everyone,

Phyllis Way

Chawleigh Oct 23rd 2015


Dear Miss Hoare,

My name’s Amelia, I work in the schools team at Comic Relief. I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that Sport Relief is back on Friday 18th March 2016. I’m not sure if you know but Kings Nympton Primary School was one of our biggest fundraising schools for Sport Relief 2014. Out of over 10,000 schools that raised money, your school was in the top 1500! It’s an incredible achievement, so from all of us at Comic Relief well done and thank you so much! You really are amazing! We do hope you enjoyed it and will be joining in again.

Best wishes,

Amelia Sullivan

Fundraising Assistant Schools& Youth Comic Relief


Dear Rowena,

I had a truly lovely day on Monday and I must say that your school was one of the best that I have been to on my ''recent travels'' - you are certainly in my ''top three''.

If I or St Johns Ambulance can be of any further assistance to your school in the future please never hesitate to get in touch,

Kind Regards


Unit Manager - St John Ambulance

June 2015


To all the wonderful Class 2 teachers

Thank you for looking after our Children especially the girls. They really enjoyed the opportunity to perform in this year's play. It was as always, a superb production!

The costumes, props and stage direction were masterful. Kings Nympton teachers really triumph in their ability to instil confidence in their pupils.

With Best Wishes for a relaxing summer break.

Mr & Mrs W  - July 2015


Hi Suzanne,

It was an absolute pleasure to visit your school, sorry for slow reply I’ve been crashing around the country like an headless chicken… book week mayhem.
Everyone was so welcoming and I’m glad the children enjoyed the afternoon.

Huge regards,

Mark Robertson

Author & Illustrator

February 2016