Kings Nympton Primary School

Friends' Association

Every parent is automatically a member of this association, which is run by a committee, and new, active members are always welcome.  We are very grateful for the support, interest and co-operation which we receive from the Friends and in particular for the fundraising events that they organise for us. 

The officers of the current committee are: 

Chair - Deborah Smallbone

Secretary - Lorraine Pailthorpe 

Treasurer - Karen Harrison



12th SEPTEMBER 2017

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the committee, head teacher and teachers for all their help and support in raising money for the school. This year we have held the annual Christmas raffle, a couple of disco’s, craft fair with draw and a very successful quiz. We also held a draw at sports day as well as selling ice cream and draws both nights at the end of term plays. We’ve also raised money through ‘Bags to School’ (thanks to Lorraine Pailthorpe for organising). Unfortunately we haven't managed to hold ferret racing this year due to our reliance on Terry Woods and his friends to run the tote. He's a very busy man and we haven't been able to co-ordinate dates with all parties involved. However, we are holding ferret racing next month and hope to overcome this issue by ‘training’ a member of the committee on the workings of the tote! A huge thank you to Teresa Hill for her personal contribution to the friends and also the substantial grant from Lloyds Bank. As a result of these grants and fundraisers we have been able to fund sessions at Forest School, the residential bus and a trip to the pantomime with ice cream. Essential garden and maintenance work carried out on our pride in our school days and a variety of small equipment for the whole school. Our biggest contribution this year is part fund the outdoor class room. Huge thanks to all the parents involved in this. A big thank you to Jeanette Hersey for setting up both our private Facebook page and the friends public page. This has allowed better communication between us all and also created awareness of our activities and promotes all our events. I would once again like to thank everyone who has helped and been involved in the fundraising events as well as everyone who has supported us by baking cakes, selling raffle tickets and helping with refreshments. The help and support of everyone enables us to provide the children and the school with all the extras they enjoy.

Thanks to you all.

Deborah Smallbone

Chairperson of Friends of Kings Nympton School.